Metropolitan - the highest achievement of humanity is an urban railway and its main purpose, of course - is the transportation of passengers. Actually, this system is represented by plying her through trains, both in underground tunnels, and on the surface using specialized racks. The first operation of "Metropolitan railway" began its existence in 1863.

Use the metro system is very convenient for optimal movement and move around the city avoiding traffic jams highways. You can also add to the benefits of a full or partial independence from the railroad, or traffic. Especially because the frequency of passenger service reaches on average every 5 minutes, and that and less.

To date the Metropolitan to provide transport be divisible into two types of transport provided the movement of passengers within the city and even beyond.

1) Metro (Subway, Underground, Metro, Tube - Metropolitan with a conventional dual-rail or monorail).

2) Light rail transport (Metro Trams - Underground Tram Road light rail).

Each Metro must have a map or chart paths lines and stations to indicate a person, how to get to certain stations / tracks and reach the final destination in a big city or beyond.

Therefore, this section contains all active circuitry underground subways of the world, taken from the official website where you can watch circuit / subway metro maps, and download them to your computer or mobile device in PDF.